Monday, May 23, 2011


The streets of Dublin are alive with thousands of people making their way to College Green where Obama will be speaking in two hours. The Garda (police) have closed a number of streets and security and bag checks are in place.

No too far away, Lady Gaga is scheduled to appear on her "Born this Way" tour.

I'm sitting at Munchies, having my Pesto Veggie Melt and Velvet Crunch chips. From my window seat in see the herd of Obamanites passing by. I don't see any "little Monsters" (Lady Gaga fans for those of you not up to speed on the terminology). Come to think of it, it is too early for the concert, but surely the first black American President who just happens to have an Irish great, great, great grandfather on his mothers' side is bound to attract a bigger following the an Techno Pop, platform shoe-wearing, fantasy outfit clad Jewish singing sensation!?

Whatever your opinion on either one, you'll have to concur that this phenomenon of attraction to fame is very, very interesting.

What am I going to do? Well, Lady Gaga tickets might be sold out, but regardless I would have to go on my own, unless I find an Obamanite who would like to accompany me. And, to Obama - good for him that people seem to have such affection towards our President, but his presence is reason why the Dublin Castle is closed to visitors today and I won't be able to see it from the inside. I'm not a fan of huge, amped up crowds or waiting in line for anything for any amount of time. So, no I will not be joining in on the craze. While I have a certain curiosity to hear him speak, I will have to fulfill that on another occasion. For now, I'll have to just appreciate the coincidence of sharing the same square footage with a President and a Pop Queen.

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