Thursday, October 20, 2016

Time Flies

Wow, time flies!!!

My last post was over four years ago. 
It's not that I have lost my desire to post or write, but that living life actually takes a lot of time.
I had hoped to "resurrect" my blog and even move it to its new platform (my own site) on my current trip. However, it has been six weeks since I left for Paris and today is the first day I am putting hands to keyboard to type this. 

I have been roaming, thinking, pondering, observing and analyzing the world around me and noticing what happens within me, but I have not felt the urge to share it on screen until now.  Even this post is just a quick statement to acknowledge just that.

I have lots to write about, now I just need to find time to take a break from living to do it.

If you have been waiting for my posts, I apologize, but hope that you have been living your life in the meantime. A far more important activity then reading my posts or scrolling through Facebook, post on Twitter or watch political debates.

Don't forget to live life while it actually happens!